Attention: All You Horny Men... I LOVE Phone Sex! is currently being updated

Call me at home toll-free and make me cum!
I'm always horny and I always answer my phone when I'm home

or 805-376-1234

I am married so daytime calls are best, but anytime is fine... Hubby works during the day
and when he's home at night, he knows not to ever answer my phone!!

I'm sure he hears me cumming while I'm fucking guys on the phone, but he
likes to keep me happy so he let's me do what I want ;-)

I live in southern california, so there will probably be a time difference

Flat-fee calls, no per minute charges ever!!

xoxox Brand


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All Phone Sex Calls are Toll-Free to my home and are paid with Visa/MasterCard ONLY!
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Brandi xoxo